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Eslhílhkw’iws chet (we are all related):
Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Census 2022

This summer, Squamish Nation will be asking all members 18+ to fill out the first-ever Squamish Census. Questions will cover health, housing, language and many other aspects of Squamish life. Both individual and household responses will be collected so that everyone can be heard.

What is the Squamish Census?

The Squamish Census will ask members and households about their experiences and priorities. The information collected will shape programs, services, and budgets for years to come.

Why are we doing our own census?

Right now, the Nation only sees a partial picture of our members’ needs. Our Census will shine a light on members who have been hard to reach or live far away from our villages, so that they too may be heard.

How is it different from Canada’s Census?

The Squamish Census is different from the federal Census because we get to keep the information. The questions are designed by us and are more relevant to our lives.

How will my privacy be protected?

Council and band staff won’t be able to see anyone’s individual answers. The data and information collected through the Census will be confidential and stored securely.

How can I participate?

The Squamish Census will be available for members to fill out online, or in-person, between July and September 2022.

To encourage everyone to fill in the Census, we are hiring Nation members to gather responses and promote the survey. We will be offering prizes too.


To express your interest in helping out please email

A Squamish Census will help us to plan for a healthy, prosperous and self-determining future for our children and all future generations.

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