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Family Dinners


To honour the way of our people and ancestors, we are inviting you to plan a family dinner with us as we move forward with drafting and finalizing the generational plan. Family dinners are a time to not only gather as a family but also to have your voice heard during the planning process. We want to give time for you to share your thoughts and confirm that what we have heard from the community these past two years represents you and your families wants and needs.

When and where?

Dinners will take place from October to early December, you as a family can decide the exact date that works best for you. Location is also what is best for your family, we can help book a Squamish Nation location (i.e. Chief Joe, Totem Hall etc.) or you can host within your own or another family members home.

How do you plan a family dinner?

Once you reach out to us and confirm that you would like to be the main contact for your family, we will work with you to support in deciding a date, time, location, and food. As a family you can choose a cook and/or what type of food you would like, and we will pay for it. As the family organizer it is up to you to reach out to your family and let them know when the dinner and gathering will be. We will also be posting the date and location of each family’s dinner on this page (please see below).  

What is covered?

Planning and Capital projects will pay for the food and rental cost of the location. Exact amount of money will be discussed with each individual family organizer.

Who to contact?

If you are interested in organizing a family dinner for your family or have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us via:

  • Planning and Capital projects office line: (604) 904-7474

  • Jessica’s cell phone: (604) 910-1426



In person:
  • Stop by the Planning and Capital Projects office (193 Mathias Road, West Vancouver)

Send us a message:
  • Leave a message through our portal system below and will respond as soon as we can!

Contact Jessica

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Upcoming Family Dinners

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