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The Prosperity theme speaks to how we empower our Nation and members to contribute to the world and to build wealth now and in the future. It includes how we want to work & what we want to learn about, and the infrastructure we need to empower us as individuals and as a Nation. It is also a means to build wealth in a way that is meaningful to us. 


Within a generation, the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Nation is economically independent with all members having equal opportunity to access meaningful participation in the economy.

What's Important


Members want everyone to feel empowered to participate in the economy with the necessary supports to work, learn, and grow. Members want to feel self-reliant and confident in managing their financial wellbeing. 

  • Build a business incubator space in the Squamish Valley

  • Develop workshops for investing, financial management, and preparing for retirement 

  • Have workshops for self-confidence, empowerment, workplace relations, and job coaching

  • Build a hub on-reserve for job training and support

  • Support youth as they transition into post-secondary or the work force

  • Communicate about financial skills and accessing support

  • Encourage and support members who want to return to school and change career paths

Job Opportunities and Training

Members want more employment and training opportunities to support them in their career development. They wish to see more qualified Squamish Members employed by the Nation and Squamish Nation jobs that reflect their ways of knowing and being and their relationship to the land. 

  • More Nation job opportunities in the Squamish Valley

  • Hire more members to work and intern for the nation and in Senior roles

  • Create opportunities with external businesses and industries for training/internships/apprenticeships

  • Build the capacity of those currently employed by the nation

  • Build jobs with the Nation that reflect Squamish ways of knowing and being

  • More jobs that protect the environment, including paying peacekeepers

  • Communicate more about job opportunities


Business Development

Members care about encouraging Squamish-owned businesses and entrepreneurship and building the necessary infrastructure to support businesses both in community and territory-wide.

  • Build more businesses in the Squamish Valley, including eco-tourism and accommodations, storefront space

  • Expand on the Casino in the Squamish Valley

  • Build Squamish-owned businesses on reserve, including a pharmacy and dispensary, fisheries, grocery stores 

  • Communicate about supports and funding available for business development

  • Have more tourism-related businesses

  • Develop businesses that reflect Squamish identity and relationship with the land

  • Offer financial supports for Squamish-owned businesses 

Investing in Members

Members want to focus on increasing the Nation’s revenue and creating wealth for future generations. They want the nation to invest in members through financial supports and to build equity and equal opportunity between members.

  • Increased financial support for members living off-reserve including for housing

  • Increase financial supports given to members and families 

  • Build prosperity for future generations 

  • Increase revenue streams to build wealth for all

  • Increase financial supports for youth and students 

  • Pay for education, training, and economic opportunities for members

  • Build understanding and communicate with members on how the Nation’s wealth is being generated and spent

  • Look for a more equitable division of the nation’s wealth between members 

  • Increase financial supports for people that are retired, physically or mentally disabled, on a fixed income, and children aged or aging out of care


“More Squamish-owned stores or businesses.”

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