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Lifelong Learning

Men we7u ḵ tel̓nexw at i7x̱w skwáyel

The theme of Lifelong Learning is about all of the ways we support and empower Sḵwx̱wú7mesh people to learn, share, and access knowledge throughout all stages of life. The sub-themes relate to meeting our member’s needs within the Education system and supporting the growth and development of life skills in school, careers or jobs, and mentorship. It is about inspiring curiosity and delivering learning opportunities in a way that reflects who we are as Sḵwx̱wú7mesh people.


Within a generation, all Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Nation Members will have the necessary resources, opportunities, and curiosity to access desired learning opportunities.

What's Important

Educational Supports

Members want to encourage the learning of Squamish culture, history, and language with more mentorship opportunities and increased supports for all, regardless of where they live.

  • More education and learning opportunities off-reserve and in the Squamish Valley 

  • More mentorship and tutoring opportunities

  • Expand language and cultural programming online

  • Increase financial supports for those in school and post-secondary 

  • More programming aimed at our youth  

  • More after-school programming 

  • Transportation to and from education programming

  • Foster a better ‘work-life’ balance and mental health 

Squamish Education System

Members want education and training programming to be made by Sḵwx̱wú7mesh people. They want to improve the existing education system to give the same opportunities to Squamish members as there are for others.

  • Have a full Squamish K-12 schooling system in the Squamish Valley

  • More member input into education programming design and delivery

  • Build our own post-secondary and trades programs 

  • Build a full Squamish K-12 schooling system 

  • Have a high school on-reserve 

  • Improve relationships with nearby school boards 

  • Update school supplies and teaching methods 

  • More extracurricular choices and more physical education 

  • More Elder involvement in the schools


Education Places and Spaces

Members want the right infrastructure in place to support learning and participation in education opportunities, and to make education accessible anywhere and anytime, both online and in-person.

  • Build a daycare and pre-school in the Squamish Valley

  • Physical space for more in-person workshops 

  • More on-reserve classes 

  • More daycare and childcare space 

  • A physical space with computers for learning on-reserve 

  • Build another school building to support grades K-12 

  • Evening and weekend availability of education and learning programming 

  • Online and hybrid education programming for off-reserve members 

Life Skills

Members want to have more training for life skills, job training, and cultural safety opportunities for all. 

  • More life skills workshops and courses available online for off-reserve and in person in the Squamish Valley

  • More job training opportunities for youth

  • Cultural safety and lateral violence workshops for everyone 

  • More specialized job training opportunities including shadowing, resume writing, and interview preparation

  • Workshops and courses to support mental health, confidence, and self-reliance

  • Alternative careers/recreation and hobby classes like filmmaking, rap, drama and acting 

  • Life skills courses on home maintenance and care, including cooking and cleaning, taxes, recycling, and finance 

  • Courses to improve employability and on-the-job training, targeting those without a GED/Dogwood certificate 


“More emphasis on youth employment and education to focus on nurturing our next generation.” (Census)

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