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Housing and Community


The Housing and Community theme speaks to how we build our communities to house and support our people to feel connected, safe, and healthy. It describes how we want our communities to look and feel, how we want to spend time together, and the spaces supporting everyday living and community activities.


Within a generation, the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Nation has the necessary housing and infrastructure to house all members and ensure all members feel connected, healthy, and safe in our communities.

What's Important


Members want increased housing quantity, accessibility, affordability, and diversity. They want to build housing and housing policies that are inclusive, with financial and policy supports to meet the needs of everyone, both on and off-reserve.

  • Build housing and a community in Gibsons

  • More housing in the Squamish Valley

  • Build more multi-family housing projects, condos/apartment buildings, townhomes, duplexes, mixed-use, etc. 

  • Build housing units faster

  • Increase affordable housing options

  • Address problems with the housing list 

  • Build safe housing and transitional housing 

  • Build Elders independent and supportive housing

  • Maximize land use to increase density 

  • Build higher-quality, durable, and desirable housing

Sports and Recreation

Members want to have access to increased diversity of sports and recreation options with the necessary infrastructure to support active and healthy living. 

  • Build recreation and sports facilities in the Squamish Valley

  • More recreation funding and programming in the Squamish Valley

  • Build a rec centre 

  • Build more arenas and sports fields (for lacrosse, soccer, hockey, volleyball, football, basketball, etc.)

  • Build and improve playgrounds on each reserve  

  • Update the youth centres 

  • More fitness and recreation classes 

  • More youth sports programming with sports teams and tournaments 

  • More parkland on reserve with gathering spaces and trees

  • Build a dog park 

  • Create more outdoor recreation spaces 


Programs, Services and Events

Members want to have more community events to bring everyone together. Additionally, members want to build up programs and services that support a healthy community that cares for the lands and water.

  • Member transportation for those living in the Squamish Valley

  • Host community clean up events

  • More fun and family events (food, dancing, bingo, game nights, bone games, bonfires, drive-in movies) 

  • More spaces available in all programming

  • More cultural and wellness events

  • Transportation services for all events

  • Improve garbage, recycling, and composting program and member knowledge of the programs

  • Programming and workshops for house maintenance/upkeep

  • Supportive services for Elders and those with disabilities

Community Health and Safety

Members want to build back a sense of community safety by addressing current and future health and safety hazards. They want to have increased access to the necessities for health and safety, including safe drinking water.

  • Monitor and prevent non-member access into Squamish Valley via the bridge

  • Have a community-based security presence rooted in our culture

  • Bylaw or maintenance fee to keep communities clean, remove waste, and for property maintenance

  • Bylaws against selling and using fireworks on-reserve except for special events 

  • Bring safe drinking water to all reserves

  • Safe walking routes with lighting, sidewalk crossings, and speedbumps 

  • Improve water and sewage infrastructure on all reserves

  • Build a firehall 

  • Have emergency preparedness workshops

  • Give out fire safety and emergency supplies

  • More climate change and emergency planning

Community Infrastructure and Planning

Members care about having the necessary infrastructure that encourages livable and intentionally designed communities, which supports their needs, and brings people together.

  • Build a larger Elder’s lounge in the Squamish Valley

  • Increase conference and meeting space in the Squamish Valley

  • Connect Chekeye to a safe water supply

  • Plan out the Chekeye cemetary 

  • Build more community mixed-use buildings 

  • Improve community public spaces

  • Build new and more gathering spaces 

  • Acquire more land to build more housing and infrastructure, including Capilano RV park 

  • Build sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure and housing 

  • Integrate new buildings and housing into the landscape


“More options, apartments, and multi-family units to house many of our Nation’s members.” (Census)

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