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Governance, Trust, & Communication

Welh wa téywilhntat ta úxwumixwcht

The theme of Governance, Trust, & Communication, is founded upon inclusion, accountability, respect and responsibility as we work to improve communication and build trust with members.  It speaks to how we make decisions, and communicate with one another, interact with external relations, and how Council governs. 


Within a generation, all Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Nation members feel they are communicated with, hold trust in, and are listened to by their Nation.

What's Important

Communications and Inclusion

Members want to feel valued and heard, to be engaged with early and often, and to be informed of progress. To members, it is important to feel like everyone – of all places, backgrounds, and abilities – are included. 

  • Inclusion of off-reserve members

  • More Council presence in the Squamish Valley

  • Foster engagement with all members 

  • Update membership frequently on the progress of plans and governance processes

  • Inform members about services and supports available

  • More in-person meetings, general assemblies, and family dinners 

  • Improve engagement with Elders and Youth

  • Improve communications about governance processes and procedures 

  • More communications sent out, including newsletters, mail outs, on social media, as well as earlier notices about meetings 

  • Create unity and connection between Families, reserves, and communities 


Members want to feel like the Nation is building trust with them through listening, improving accountability, and increasing transparency in decision-making processes. They want to feel like their needs are being advocated for and the Nation is enforcing jurisdiction and authority over their territory.

  • Add more lands to reserve including at Waiwekum

  • More inclusion of those living off-reserve in decision-making processes

  • Improve and expand our systems of enforcement within our territory

  • Build more accountability of Council to members

  • Include members in decision-making processes and plans 

  • Build trust and transparency into governance, including council proceedings  

  • Increase opportunities for Nation members to participate on committees, boards, and advisories

  • Decolonize governance processes

  • Advocate for the vulnerable and unheard members

  • Improve accessibility of reports and plans for membership


Staff Capacity

Members want to have a better support system created for staff, and for staff to be built up to increase capacity and leadership. They want to see the prevention of lateral violence and improvements in the workplace environment. 

  • More departmental presence in the Squamish Valley 

  • Create workplace training on lateral violence, JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion), professionalism, respect, cultural safety and harassment for both staff and leadership  

  • Prioritize hiring qualified Squamish Nation members 

  • Build relationships between departments 

  • Improve youth involvement in governance processes 

  • Create employment and hiring practices grounded in Squamish ways of knowing and being

Program Delivery

Members want to have programs and policies that feel more accessible and are easily navigated. They feel like there are gaps that can be addressed in existing policies and processes, and more programs can be delivered to address Member’s needs.

  • Build clarity for those living off-reserve into accessing programs and services

  • Greater equality in program and service delivery between the Squamish Valley and North Shore

  • Reform housing list to give more people homes and share knowledge about the process and status of people on the list, make list more accessible (online forms)  

  • Address issues with the membership code such as obtaining membership, simplifying the process, and being more inclusive (removing blood quantum) 

  • Develop processes/policies for managing and removing garbage and broken vehicles on reserve

  • Decrease departmental response time to member’s emails and requests  

  • Prevent non-nation members from renting/living on reserve lands, including Airbnb’s

  • Reform HR Policies and follow through on complaints 


“Offer more opportunities for off-reserve and out-of-province members to stay connected or access services.” (Census)

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